We are  a full service eCommerce agency for Japanese market.

EC Robo Inc. is a young company, but we are a team of very experienced individuals who are specialized in web development, logistics, customer service, and marketing.

If you want to sell your products in Japan, we can help you start selling with a very low cost.


Company                 EC Robo Inc.

Established             July 31st, 2013

Capital                     JPY 78,000,000 (as of Feb 2015)

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CEO   Akihiro Ito

Education: B.S. in Engineering from Yokohama National University Experience: served as engineer in Toyota Motor Corp.

COO   Atsushi Suda

Education: B.A. in Business Economics from University of California at Los Angeles



Opened Miyoshi Fulfillment Centre in Saitama, JAPAN
Opened Customer Center in Chiba, JAPAN


Started offering fulfillment services for Evernote market

Apr, 2014

Opened Kasukabe Fulfillment Center in Saitame, JAPAN

Oct, 2014

Launched an official Skullcandy Online Store in JAPAN (Magento)
Launched an official OtterBox online store in JAPAN (Magento)

Apr, 2015

Started building Japanese Online Store


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