Selling in Japan is easy with Air Trade. We support you on…

Online Shop Building

We Build your Japanese online shops with Shopify or Magento.


You can directly ship your products from your warehouse outside of Japan. Or you can use our warehouse in Japan.

Order Management

Our experienced team takes care of all orders from customers for you.

Customer Service

Our experienced customer service team takes care of emails and phone calls in Japanese.


We help you plan and implement your marketing strategy.
How do you increase your sales for your online retail business? We think if you can sell your products globally, you can double your sales or even more. It’s easy to say that, but there are many things to consider before start selling your products globally, such as building your online shop, translation, uploading your product master,  order management, logistics, payment, promotion, and customer service. Without taking care of these very well, there is no success in cross-border ecommerce. If you are interested in expanding your business into Japanese ecommerce market, we are here to help you. We can support you growing your ecommerce business in Japan, which is one of the biggest ecommerce market in the world.
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