Ecommerce is growing drastically in Japan recent years. Time saving, short leading time and low cost are main factors contribute its booming and favored by consumers among all different age level. However, building a successful online business is not that easy without clear goals and principle. Points listed below are common features of successful merchant.
  1. SEO
Your sales are doomed to be stagnated if consumer cannot find your products easily. Internet does bring sellers a lot of advantage for its significance, yet your products are exposed to a tremendous ocean with tons of similar products. In order to make you stand out of your competitors, you have to spend some time working on SEO, catalog define, and data analysis. With appropriate method will bring you a large amount of extra traffic which will drive up the sales in return, yet bold action will cost you huge loss and time without expected return. In addition, SEO on different channels varies and subject to rulers. Take Rakuten as an example, PPC may not be a good idea if you don’t prepare your budget either not pick the correct key word. Large key word does bring you more traffic, however, most of the visitors drop by your site accidently without clear intention of purchasing, in order words, high traffic end up with even higher bounce rate. Also clicks from competitors are inevitable which should always be aware of when using the PPC. Flawless decision will cost over thousands of dollars within just couple days. So always make your budget and narrow your keyword ahead before using PPC of Rakuten. On the other hand, live site SEO has a lot of work to do on meta tag and keywords as well, it’s better to learn how to hire some professional SEO guys work for you which will free you a lot of time. Otherwise, you’d better to get yourself familiar with html and google analytics.  
  1. Newsletter
Developing a new customer is way difficult than maintain a current customer as you need to spend time on promotion and engage yourself with them, sometimes it may not bring you the direct benefit and takes time for customers to identify with your products and switch from his/her previous preference before hitting the purchasing button. Yet, it’s much easier for a current client to purchase as you have already set up a solid relationship with them and they are interested in your product most importantly. Therefore, newsletter comes in handy to keep you stay in touch with your members and get you updated with the latest news on your products. Furthermore, this will also benefit you from cost saving, which you can focus more on new products promotion and customer support.  
  1. Inventory management
Well-organized inventory will save you time on labor work and reduce the stock missing risk. Otherwise, it will increase your workload on dealing with shipping and mail respond in terms of short items and returns. In addition, if you are selling on different platforms, it will be a good idea to use some asp with the feature of inventory synchronization and items sales volume monitoring. A good prediction of sales volume based on the sales history can cut the inventory risk at a low level, which will boost the turnover rate and speed up cash receiving speed. This is a critical factor for you to grow your business with enough fund flow in as always.  
  1. SNS
Why it is important as social network is a huge platform for people to share their story and insights on the Internet. Most of all, it’s free and accessible to users from different devices (lap top, smart phone and tablet), you can even publish your coupon information there. However, you need to post news and photos on regular base to keep enticing your users and attracting more people to follow on. Otherwise, you will not see the effects quickly.  
  1. Promotion
Needless to see, promotion is most important and have a direct impact on sales. Consumer always prefer to buy products at a premium price and this the common things for all human beings. You cannot be mean to you customers. Otherwise, they will turn back and find other products to replace you. So bargains facilitate the dealing and bring your more sales in return. Also you can utilize it to sell off you long tail inventory and collect the cash which you can use to replenish the hit products. In general, there are many ways to do the campaign such as seasonal sales, holiday sales and etc. But you don’t need all of that, and all you need to do is to utilize several of them to increase sales and attract more consumers.