Japan is a large e-market in terms of population, however it is difficult for oversea companies to penetrate the market in many aspects such as language barriers, culture unfamiliarity, cofine of online policies, etc. We are specialized in ecommerce and logistics as a whole, we believe we can help boost your business by leaveraging on our service. And points listed below are the features of our service. 1. English Service We provide English service and quotes according to your request. We also can arrange the telephone meeting in English if needed. 2. Online shop building or data uploading We provide you multiple options for you to sell in differents platform like Rakuten, Amazon or Magento in order to enlarge your sales scope in Japan. 3. Fulfillment service We can provide you one-stop solution from inventory stock to order shipping which can free you thrival works. 4. 365 day shipping and Customer service We can ship your order and offer customer service 365 day base upon clients’ request. 5. Cutting edge in technology We commit to developing advanced system including warehouse management system and asp service. 6. Drop shipping assistence We provide multiple solutions for you in terms of stock management. In case of drop shipping, we will send clients the shipping information data working day. 7. Domestic multiple carrier selectible We have connection with various of carriers such as Yamato, Sagawa, Japan post, DHL. 8. Adding value service Providing gift packing option and can customize packing box accoring to clients request. We even provide ironing and sewing service in terms of apparel. 9. Specialized warehouses We have four warehouses located close to Tokyo which are being used for ecommerce inclusively.