Open Your Japanese Online Store 


Are you a Shopify user already?

We now have a great plan for you to reach out to Japanese customers.

Shopify is used by over 160,000 store owners worldwide.

With Shopify and our service package, you can have your Japanese online store quick and cheap.

Below shows what will cost you to have Japanese online store with Shopify.

Shopify Fee + Our Fees + Actual Expenses
※if you would like to store your products in Japan, fulfillment fees are charged.

Here, we assume that you directly ship your products to customers from your location.

Shopify Fee

Our Fees


INITIAL FEE Translation JPY 6 / word
Web Design JPY 100,000
SALES COMMISSION Customer Service (by email) 10% of monthly Sales *minimum JPY30,000/month
Translation of Shipping Address
Handling Returned Products


Actual Expenses

Any actual expenses related to operating your store will be charged to you.

Here are some examples of actual expenses.

– Bank wire transfer fee

– Shipping cost for returned products

     – from customer to our warehouse

     – from our warehouse to your location

– Marketing cost (optional)

     – Google listing ads

     – Social Media ads

     – SEO


– Web Design change

Your Responsibility

– Obtaining a domain name

– Obtaining a SSL certificate

– Selecting and applying for payment gateways

     (if you are not based in the USA, Canada or the UK)

– Payment of initial fee, monthly fee, sales commissions, and actual expenses on time

– Payment of Shopify fee on time

Our Responsibility

– Translation of your product info

– Initial Japanese Shopify store design (all images should be provided by you)

– Translation of shipping address

– Customer service (email)

– Handling of returned goods

Time Schedule until launch of your Japanese online store

3~5 days    Translation of your products 

~5 days      Design your online store

~5 days       Testing the online store

It will take about 15 business days to launch your website in Japanese.

If you do not have your Shopify store in your own language, it will take

More than 15 business days. Please contact us for details.

Service Flow for opening Japanese Shopify Store

STEP1  We provide quotation for translation based on your English Shopify store

STEP2  After we agree on our fees and timeline, we sign our contract

STEP3  You open another account with Shopify and let us know its login info

STEP4  You provide us with product master exported from your English Shopify store and all images

STEP5  We translate your product master and work on images, and upload.

STEP6  You check the setting for payment and shipping, and we are ready to launch you Japanese Shopify store!