1. Ecommerce Business Strategy and Business Planning
  • Market and competitive research for business plan formulation
  • Designs a business scheme for brand strategy, promotion strategy and ecommerce business operations
2. Ecommerce Website Construction
  • Based on the brand strategy of the client company, constructs an ecommerce merchandise purchase point through ecommerce website design and ecommerce front system development
3. Fulfillment Formulation
  • Based on the business plan and operational design of the client company, constructs a logistics center, order management system and warehouse management system to receive and store merchandise from the corporate client.
4. Customer Care
  • Constructs an operation system for multi-channel support of inventory confirmation, return inquiries and complaints from consumers
  • Constructs a CRM system to support operations
5. Internet Promotion
  • Based on the brand strategy of the client company, creates a promotion plan and carry out promotions aimed at the acquisition of new customers based on the plan
6. Order Acceptance, Payment Processing and Inquiry Response
  • Implements order acceptance and payment processing based on order information from  consumers
  • Responds to inquiries from consumers at the time of the order
7. Fulfillment
  • Implements the receipt of goods, distributive processing packing and shipping based on the shipping information
  • Manages warehouse tasks with the system to ensure accuracy and improve operational efficiency
8. Return Processing Inquiries After Purchase
  • Handles return inquiries and complaints from consumers
  • Processes returned goods
9.  Internet Promotion (Retention)
  • Performs integrated management of operations extending from the front ecommerce system to the warehouse management system, and accumulate customer information, merchandise information, shipping information and inventory in formation
  • Analyzes a variety of information to formulate and implement measures for retention from outbound through calls and the Internet, etc.