Rakuten provides multiple options for mechants to choose while fees varies significantly based on features. In order to prevent you from being frustrated, we hereby specify all the items you need to know before opening the account. Also please be aware all price listed below do not include 8% consumpiton tax.


1. shop setup billing system (*required) In general, this billing system consist of two parts–initial registration fee and shop plan fee monthly. To startoff, you are obiligate to pay a one-time registration fee  60,000 yen at first, then you need to choose a shop plan from four options Rakuten provides you (1. Standard Plan  2. Ganbare Plan 3. Lite Plan 4. Mega Shop Plan), fees range from 19,500 yen  to 100,000 yen monthly.  We will explain the difference of these plans in detail below. In other words, you should prepare at least 79,500 yen for the first month if you want to start Rakuten shop.


2.1 System usage fees Rakuten offers you several ways to increase the traffice and sales, therefore you are required to pay them on the service you used.

① Rakuten Super Point (*required) Rakuen reward their member 1% of the order value as Rakuten point after purchasing and the point collected can be redeemed anytime afterwards. In return you need to pay Rakuten 1% of the order value at minimum. In addition, you can adjust your point rule up to 100%  if you want, large point returns can generate large traffic and make you stand out of your competitors, therefore, you need to pay attention to this part.

②  Rakuten super affiliate site (*required) Raken charges 1.3% at minimum for any sales directed from affliate site.

③  Mobile Option This is optional and charge will be 3%~5% of the sales generated from mobile phone. You should consider this as more than 43% of the sales generate  from smartphone as of November, 2014 according to Rakuten’s announcement.

④ Super auction service Sellers can also list their product as bid item on Rakuten, fees range from 2% ~6.5% of the sales. This may not be taken into consideration as Yahoo Auction might be a more good place for bidding.



2.2 Payment Transcation (*required)

① Card Automation Processing also called  “R-Card Plus” 3,000 yen monthly + 2.65% ~ + handling

②  Rakuten  multiple transcation service 2.65%~

③ Rakuten Bank Transcation 155 yen/ per


2.3 Optional Service Fee

① Rakuten S4

② Rakuten GOLD ( free up to 100 MB) For top page design only

③ Rakuten batch listing features

④ CSV download

⑤ R-Cabinet videos management (free)

⑥ R-mail  (free for the moment) ‥‥‥