You may not sure about what kind of payment methods are commonly used in Japan, so I will give you some advice on that.

Shopify offers many payment gateways which can accept payment globally.

Either you use “Shopify Payments” or any third-party payment gateway, you do not need to worry about it for credit card payments.

Besides credit card payments, COD (Cash on Delivery) is popular payment method in Japan. You can boost your sales by having this payment option.


You can set COD with Shopify.


However, you need a local transport company who can do this for you.  Yamato and Sagawa are major carrier in Japan, and they offer COD service. Fee for COD depends on how much money they need to collect.


It’s JPY400 for COD less than JPY30,000.


Many online stores charge this COD fee to customers.   If you ship directly from out side of Japan, you need to use FedEx, DHL, or other carriers. With these carriers, you cannot use COD service.    To offer COD payment option, you need to have an account with Yamato or Sagawa in Japan.

If you are planning to store your products in Japan for your Japanese online store and offer COD to your customers, please contact us for more details.   Since not many people use Paypal in Japan, credit card is the only option you can offer to Japanese customers if you ship your products directly from out side of Japan to customers in Japan.