You have your Shopify store?


Now, we help convert your English Shopify store to Japanese one.  

When you do this, only front end is converted to Japanese, so you still can manage orders in English just like your English Shopify store. 

Here is how we do this.


step1  You export your product master from your English Shopify store and give it to us in Excel format.


step2  We translate your product master from English to Japanese, and upload it to a new Shopify account.


step3  You provide us with all the images you have in your English Shopify store, and we work on them a bit and upload them to your Japanese Shopify account.


step4  You set payment method and shipping rate in Shopify, and you are ready to sell online in Japan!!


It’s very easy to have your Japanese store, because you can use the same EC platform as your English store. You may wonder how you can do customer service in Japanese and handling returned products. Don’t worry. We can help you on these as well. We are experienced both in customer service and fulfillment services. Please take a look at our fees below.  



INITIAL FEE Translation JPY 6 / word
Web Design※You need to have your Shopify store in your language JPY 100,000
MONTHLY FEE Customer Service (by email) JPY30,000
Translation of Shipping Address
Handling Returned Products
SALES COMMISSION To be your sales agent in Japan 10% of Sales
If you are interested in opening your Japanese Shopify store, please contact us for more detail.