How you deal with logistics is major issue when it comes to selling overseas. If you have many SKUs, you do not want to store them in Japan unless you are sure that they are selling. On the other hand, if you only have a few SKUs, it might make sense to store them in Japan from the beginning for fast shipping. We can advise you on this as well. How we arrange logistics might be different depending on what EC platform you use, Shopify or Magento.

Direct Shipping from Your Warehouse outside of Japan

We can arrange logistics for your needs. If you would like to ship your products from your warehouse outside of Japan to customers in Japan, we can arrange it just like the chart below. Allowing Japanese customers to enter their info in Japanese including shipping address is key to yield a high conversion rate.  Our warehouse management system translates customer’s name and shipping address from Japanese to English, and send the information to the system in your warehouse. Then, you directly ship it out to customers in Japan. For Shopify, we can just login to admin of your Japanese Shopify store and change shipping address from Japanese to English. Once they are translated, you can ship them just like your English Shopify store.

Shipping from Our Warehouse in Japan

Alternatively, you can use our warehouse in Japan. In this case, you only need to ship your products to our warehouse a few times a month. You can even use FBA (Amazon Japan’s warehouse) instead of our warehouse.

Our Domestic Fulfillment Fees

These fees are for domestic shipping in Japan.
Receipt JPY 20/ piece
Storage  – rack (W)1.8m*(L)0.6m*(H)1.8m monthly fee of JPY 4,500 / rack
Shipping (including box, picking, packing, and shipping cost) ~80cm (W+L+H) 120cm (W+L+H) 140cm(W+L+H)  160cm (W+L+H) Okinawa
JPY600 JPY700 JPY900 JPY1,000 JPY800 extra