Good news for all the music fans in Japan. The U.S. popular headphone brand-Skullcandy opened it’s Japanese official online shop on October of last year. So if you are tired of the current earphone you have and plan to buy you a new set with good quality, congratulation as you’ve got one more choice. As a wellknown brand in the states, skullcandy is featured for its outstanding design and extraordinary culture. It’s actually the symbol for youngest who are seeking for different life style and perfers outdoor sports such as skateboarding, snowborading, skiing and surfing. sk1  sk2 Here are 4 reasons that you should have a skullcandy headset. 1. Design All of the products are marked with cool skull logo whichs make you standout from others. 2.Variation You are not confined in only one choice, Skullcandy bring you multiple choice regading the headphone and earbuds. You can even use these fancy stuff to match your dressing code. 4.Sound quality Rich mid-tones and low-distortion bass are the main features of skullcandy. Having them can quick relieve your mood and ease your stress. 5.affordable With this level of sound quality, durability, and attention to design, Skullcandy headphones sell at prices well below what you’d expect. They offer one of the best values for your money out of any headphones you could buy. Check out the link below if you want to visit the official site.