You cannot miss out Rakuten when talking about e-commerce in Japan. Rakuten is the largest online platform in Japan, with over 30% in market share, there are more than 89 million Rakuten members by 2013. Apart from the data given above, Rakuten provides a large selection of services ranges from banking, retailing, telecommunication, etc. In general, Rakuten is good choice for you to start your e-commerce in Japan. Points listed below are things you need to know about Rakuten. Preparation 1. Import Rakuten requires you to assign an attorney for customs clearance in Japan if you intend to have your stock in Japan. The attorney should be reponsible for all the proedure of customs as well as the goods. Otherwise, you won’t be approved to open you shop on Rakuten. 2. Stock You should find a warehouse to stock your inventory and fulfillment the order if you don’t have labor in Japan. 3. Application Contact the staff at Rakuten and apply online through Rakuten website. Usually it will take 2 to 4 weeks for examination. 4. Contract If your company if based in U.S. then you can direcly sign a contract with Rakuten without local bank account, otherwise, you need to sign a third-pary contract with company who can help you sell your product like us. 5. Package picking Rakuten’s cost is devided into two part. Initial cost 60,000 yen which is compulsory for registration, the second part is seletable upon seller’s need which range from 19,500 to 100,000 monthly. Getting started 6. Shop building The top page is customizable which need you to pay an extra amount of momeny. However, most of traffics comes form keyword search in contrast with a tiny portion from index page. It will be good to have an appealling frontend if you focus on brand image. Otherwise, you can defer it and do it later on. 7. Describion Translation It is critical to have your products translated into native Japanese, this will help you to reduce the bounce rate which will improve your sales revenue in return. 8. Product upload Upload both of your product information and image according to Rakuten format. All of these process are only availalbe in Japanese. It might take you a long time to read the instrution and we can help you to complete this process as well. Shop operation 9. Order processing There are a lot of human work after the order being placed including payment checking, mail notification, tracking number uploading and customer support. All of these are required to close a deal from the beginning. Therefore, it will be of help to find a specialized company who can assist you to do all of those. 10. Shipping and Return Ship order and receive returns swiftly. Marketing Setting up your shop is just the begninning of the game, you have a lot of things to do in order to rise your sale revenue. Therefore, it is of impatance to find a capable store manager to analyse your shopping running condition and do different campaigns accordingly. In short, it’s not that easy to grow your business on Rakuten immediately as you can see. However, we believe that we can help you improve your sales performace cosistenly by our knowhow and efforts.