Under the trend of globalization, world is getting smaller and more internet users are shopping cross-borderly for many reasons such as rare items in domestic market or goods with good quality as well as affordable price, etc. As of 2013, Japanese consumers had purchasd around $1.74 billion equivalent goods from the U.S. market place, and the revenue is project to be $2.71 billion by 2020, according to the research done by Meti in 2013. Regardless of serious aging issue in Japan, Internet user shows their strong preference on online shopping based on conveniency and time-saving. Moreover, more of them showed strong interest in the cross-border shopping for high quality products with good design. If you intend to expend your global business in Japan, data listed below might help you to develop a general overview about Japanese market. 1. Large pupulation of Internet user In 2014, Japan ranked No.4 in terms of Internet users (109,252,912), enjoying with over 86% penetration rate, Japan will still be a large market in the future.   2. Huge ownership of smartphone and fast broadband speed The world forth broadband speed and large base of smartphone users laid a solid foundation for the further growth of domestic E-commerce growth.   3. Growing M-commerce trend The current market scale in about $104 billion in sales, and M-commerce account for close to 10%, $9.7 billion. Given the instant growth rate of smartphone market share. There’s a huge potential in the M-commerce market. 4. Popular top 5 categories Apparel and footware, media products, food and drink, consumer electronics, beauty and personal care are the top 5 categories in E-commerce market.  Merchants from overseas may have a chance if your product is unique in these categories, on the contray, you may also encounter hugh competition again local sellers.   This is one part of our point of view, please feel free to contact us if you are interest in starting you e-business in Japan.