Ecommerce in China has been experienced unprecedented growth in recent years. Alibaba, as the top leader in China, is now aiming to open the cross border channel by using their resources and knowhow and this sounds like good news for overseas sellers especially its neighborhood Japan. However, there are many points you should be aware of especially the differences between ecommerce from your countries, after all an overall comprehension of Chinese market might get you prepared before entering the market.  
  1. Counterfeit items
Unlike Japanese market, shops are strictly subject to the laws and rules made authority. In China, there are not many rules made especially to ecommerce currently, therefore, lots of counterfeit items are listed on live site which are hard to tell the difference between genuine goods. If you are selling premium goods and focus more on quality, you need to work closely with your supply chain and put a close eye on the marketplace.  
  1. Chat talk
Different from email contact, most of communication in China is conduct in Chart, clients often time use it to haggle the price and inquiry the condition of products and stock availability. Real time response therefor has a direct impact on shop sales, consumers won’t sit there to wait for your answer too long and will walk away to find another place to make an order. So, hiring a native staff and have a well knowledge on Chinese will be helpful to get you close to your customers.  
  1. Chinese bank account
This is required for seller who wants to set up their account on taobao, the biggest B2C platform in China.  
  1. Logistics
Logistics cost is really cheap, items below 2kg can shipped to any region of China at the cost of $2 dollars. In addition, in major city logistics like Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen, orders can be even received on the same day if you are willing to pay the extra. There are many carriers outside and you can negotiate cost with them is you are a large seller. Even though the leading time is short, however it better for you to inform your consumers about prolonged shipping during the holidays like lunar new year, National holiday etc.  
  1. Decoration and Designing
Different from amazon and ebay, you are listing all your items on your own online shop, so you will either buy a particular template which match your category or design it on your own. In general, good layout and photos means a lot to Chinese consumers. We have staff working on Chinese online platform and also can provide you more details and solution on that, feel free to contact us when you have any questions.