Customs and Sales tax in Japan for crossborder sellers

When you want to sell online in Japan, one of your concerns must be customs and sales tax.   Who should pay them?   If you sell online to Japanese customers and ship your products directly from outside of Japan to a customer in Japan, the customer in Japan needs to pay customs and sales taxes as an importer. […]
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Payment methods for Japanese Shopify store

You may not sure about what kind of payment methods are commonly used in Japan, so I will give you some advice on that. Shopify offers many payment gateways which can accept payment globally. Either you use “Shopify Payments” or any third-party payment gateway, you do not need to worry about it for credit card payments. Besides […]
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Open your Japanese Shopify store in 2 weeks

You have your Shopify store?   Now, we help convert your English Shopify store to Japanese one.   When you do this, only front end is converted to Japanese, so you still can manage orders in English just like your English Shopify store.  Here is how we do this.   step1  You export your product master from your English Shopify store […]
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Cross-border ecommerce in China

Ecommerce in China has been experienced unprecedented growth in recent years. Alibaba, as the top leader in China, is now aiming to open the cross border channel by using their resources and knowhow and this sounds like good news for overseas sellers especially its neighborhood Japan. However, there are many points you should be aware of […]
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Tips on ecommece operation in Japan

Ecommerce is growing drastically in Japan recent years. Time saving, short leading time and low cost are main factors contribute its booming and favored by consumers among all different age level. However, building a successful online business is not that easy without clear goals and principle. Points listed below are common features of successful merchant. SEO Your […]
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