Although products of OtterBox were sold in Japan already, OtterBox decided to launch their online shop on Rakuten Ichiba, Amazon Japan, and Magento. We designed their online shops based on their brand website in the states.  
  • Platform: Magento, Rakuten, Amazon
  • Contract type: sales commission
  • What we did : online shop building, translation,  logistics support, customer support, sales report, marketing and promotion support

Rakuten Ichiba


US website

Reliable Partner Backbone support Entering a different market is far more difficult than what we had expected even we are the top-selling smartphone case in North America. We have to coupe with language barrier, unfamiliar online platform, regulation, marking, etc. While working with ECRobo makes everything easy for us. They are highly productive, assisting us with listing all the items on Amazon, Rakuten and our own live site in less than two months which enable us to raise our sales through different channels. Also, they are very active as bringing us a lot of useful information about Japanese market and promotion approaches, which favored us to make the right promotion to attract more visitors. Looking in the future, Japan is a big market and we believe we can go much further through close working with ECRobo. Seamless network We help to set up API for Otterbox in HongKong as all the orders are shipped from there. Orders info including shipping address from Amazon, Rakuten and Live site will be gathered and sync once the order information is confirmed. This cuts massive time on redundant human work and also improves the productivity of shipping. Also inventory are sync on a daily basis to guarantee the accuracy of the stock. Professional customer support In order to render best customer satisfaction and to establish good reputation for our client, we have professional local staff to provide customer support in both phone call and email. All of the inquiries from customer will be respond promptly and issues cannot be solved at the first time will be escalated and replied by specific staff.