WorkMail – one more new gadget in 2015

The ecommerce giant Amazon anncounced to issue their new cyber weapon-workmail in the second quarter of this Year according to their spokesman. On the contray to gmail, allowing users to send and receive emails, and manage contacts and share calendars all stored on Amazon’s cloud servers. Workmail will cost 4 dollars monthly that has 50 gigabytes in […]
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“Free Shipping” attracts consumers

In 2014, the word, Free Shipping, was everywhere in the online shopping malls in Japan, including Rakuten Ichiba and Amazon Japan. There were many free shipping-related articles. A grocery online shop called EVERY MART started offering free shipping. Also, many online shops were offering free shipping campaign in the period from one week to one month. For […]
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The surging needs of line stamp

Line’s revenue grows from 404 million USD to 863 million in year 2014, nearly 214% growth rate YOY. In fact, animation stamp is getting tremendous attention in asia. More than 270 thousand users coming from over 145 countries has registered in “Line Creators Market” by November in 2014 and sales of top ten stamps was over […]
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Taking off your e-business in Japan

Japan is a large e-market in terms of population, however it is difficult for oversea companies to penetrate the market in many aspects such as language barriers, culture unfamiliarity, cofine of online policies, etc. We are specialized in ecommerce and logistics as a whole, we believe we can help boost your business by leaveraging on […]
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