Yamato, the top logistics giant in Japan has announced to suspend its mail-bin service till the end of April of this year, declared on its official site on 22nd, January.  This move has got the huge attention from the users, especially  e-commerce merchants in Japan. Mail-bin is featured by its affordable cost and convenicy, which has been widely used by online sellers for years. The maximum cost of Mail-bin is up to 164 yen, which is way cheaper than other delivery cost in Japan, and it can be applied to any products size smaller than A4 and less than 2cm in thickness. Therefore, this has favored many online sellers to reduce cost on shipping and many sales promotions are integrated with Mail-bin. Yet, this service doesn’t bring Yamato much revenue in terms of  low profit margin and increasing cost. It even retard their revenue generated in other services as orders supposed to be shipped by Ta-Q-bin are shipped by Mail-bin actually. Yamato claimed that they will launch new services in April to replace the mail-bin return and two new services have been posted on their official website. Yet, the cost of each services are not provided so far. Whether Yamato will continue to be used or be swithed by other carriers such as Sagawa, Japan post. This will be in a status of suspension till the late of this year.