It got easier for you to sell on Amazon Japan ever!!

You can switch the seller central from Japanese to English for Amazon Japan. If you use FBA in Japan, customer services and logistics are covered by Amazon Japan, there are only few thins left for you to take care of. Selling on Amazon is a great way to test Japanese market for your products with minimum risk and cost.
Amazon Japan charge you monthly fee of JPY4,900 for a professional seller, but they offer you three months free at the moment.

Facts about Amazon Japan

・The second biggest online shoppin mall in Japan ・sales of USD 8 billion (as of 2014)

Fees to sell on Amazon Japan

・Monthly fee of JPY4,900 (3 months subscription free for now) ・8.0% ~ 15.0% Sales commission ・Miscellaneous fees
Requirements for foreign company to sell in Japan
  • Customer service in Japanese (email)
  • Need an importer or Attorney for Customs Procedures for your product

    ※if you ship your products directly from your location outside of Japan, you do not need this.

  • Need a warehouse to take care of returns
How Air Trade can help you
  • Become Attorney for Custom Procedure (ACP)
Our view on Amazon Japan

Selling on Amazon Japan is just like any other Amazon in the world. Keys to success in Amazon are the followings

  • Competitive Price
  • Use FBA in Japan
  • Proper Japanese title for your products



Selling online to Japan may sound a bit hard for you, but with Amazon Japan and Air Trade, it’s easy.

Here are the simple steps to get your product listed on Amazon Japan and start selling your products to Japanese customers.


Step 1. Set up your Amazon Japan account

Amazon Japan can help you setting up your account with them in English.

* If you need help, we can set up your account for FREE.


Step 2. Ship your products to FBA (fulfillment by Amazon) warehouse in Japan

*You need an importer for your products since Amazon does not act as your importer. We can be your importer of records(ACP) to get your products into FBA in Japan.

*If you do not store your products in Japan, you do not need this step.


Step 3. Translate your product detail from English to Japanese

*We can translate your product details at JPY5/word or even less. Please contact us for detail.


Step 4. Upload your product list to your Amazon Japan account


Now, you are ready to sell! All of your orders will be handled by FBA in Japan including shipping and customer service. All you need to do is just checking your inventory in FBA warehouse in Japan by logging into Amazon seller central, and ship your products to FBA in Japan as needed. All sales will be wire transferred to you local bank every two weeks.

If you want to ship your products directly from your location outside of Japan to customers in Japan, you can also do that. In this case, we can help you on customer service, order management, and handling returns.

If you ever thinking of selling your products to Japan, Amazon Japan is way to go. You can also check out how you can start selling on Japanese Shopify store and Rakuten Ichiba.



Our Fees (using FBA)





INITIAL FEETranslation JPY8/word
ACP RegistrationUSD100
MONTHLY FEEACP usage charge

*ACP:Attorney for Custom Procedure





Assuming that you do not sell at all for a month, your risk is limited to JPY30,000 a month while you can reach to millions of potential customers in Japan. Once you know that there is good demand for your products in Japan, you can have a Japanese Shopify store to increase your sales. 


CONTACT US for more detail

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