The ecommerce giant Amazon anncounced to issue their new cyber weapon-workmail in the second quarter of this Year according to their spokesman. On the contray to gmail, allowing users to send and receive emails, and manage contacts and share calendars all stored on Amazon’s cloud servers. Workmail will cost 4 dollars monthly that has 50 gigabytes in storage. This might be a little expensive than their competitor Gmail with a 100 gibabytes at the cost of 1.99 dollars monthly. However, according to the analyst with Baird Equity Research, this new business will at least benefit Amazon 1 billion each year, which is equivalent to 21 million subscribers annually.  According to email market share analysis in 2014, Apple users account more than 50% due to their differnt type of electronic devices and browser. Gmail ranked No2 support by their large base of chrome users and search engine. Amazon has a potent in the email market considering their global market footage in terms of marketplace users and server users. Yet, that’s apparently not enough to take down Goole or Apple only count on number of users. There’s still a long way for them to go in terms of connection between different apps and devices.